The Negoti-Eater! (Part 1)

Pan Seared Pork Chop & Grilled Apples

I am a veal lover but the only time I get to eat it is when my girlfriend and I go out to eat. You see, she does not eat veal, so I never get to cook it in our home. On the other hand, she loves pork, which I do not eat.So this called for some serious negotiating, or should I say “Negoti-eating”! While at the local market I told her we should buy some veal chops (like I always do) and she responds with “No” (like she always does). On display next to the veal were these beautifully cut pork chops. So I suggested to her that if we purchase veal for me, I’d cook her the best pork chop she ever had. After some hesitating she agreed and I won the first part of the battle!

Pork is a meat I have never cooked, and I worried about over cooking it. These chops were over an inch thick! I made a marinade of mustard, caraway seeds, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper, and a few other ingredients. I placed the chop in the marinade for about 6 hours. I planned on roasting the chop in the oven, when disaster struck! My oven, which I have had previous problems with, did not turn on. But the top burners still worked. Oh well, time to switch to plan B, and cook it stove-top. I know my marinade is on the money, so I need to trust the old black cast iron pan and instinct on this one. I decided that I would start off with lightly oiled pan, then quickly sear it over high heat on one side then flip it, and immediately lowered the heat to not over-cook and dry the chop out. While that cooked I grilled up some apples with a very small sprinkle of light brown sugar. After removing the chop from the pan to allow it to rest, I added some dry red wine to de-glaze the drippings and made a sauce to top the apples with. The pork chop was cooked perfectly, it was juicy and flavorful according to my girlfriend. Stay tuned for what I will with that veal chop….. Bon Appetit!


10 thoughts on “The Negoti-Eater! (Part 1)

  1. Wow, for someone who has never cooked pork, you did a beautiful job! I love veal also, and luckily the family doesn’t have any issues with it. 🙂 The apples look like heaven with grill marks… Great dinner!


  2. Eha

    This pork chop I’ll happily try! But, personally, I would prefer a veal one. So am ardently waiting for that recipe!! Sugar, how can one eat one and not the other [AND, I happen to eat vegetarian at least twice a week!]? Not that you give your full recipe, but I love the use of the caraway seeds!


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