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Herb Crusted Sous Vide Pork Chop w/Meyer Lemon Cream Sauce

The sous vide revolution is in full effect! If you have not tried this type of cooking yet, you are truly missing out! And if this method is new to you, let me explain to you what it is. Sous vide is low temperature cooking that involves vacuum sealing food items in heat safe cooking bags and placing them in a precision temperature water bath for a period of time. Your food maintains it’s nutrients and remains juicy and flavorful. Pork does particularly well when cooked with the sous vide method. In this recipe Read the rest of this entry

Savory Veal & Pork Meatballs

This recipe is a riff on the popular dish, Swedish meatballs. The combination of lean veal and fatty ground pork will have your family lining up for seconds. Read the rest of this entry

The Negoti-Eater! (Part 1)

Pan Seared Pork Chop & Grilled Apples

I am a veal lover but the only time I get to eat it is when my girlfriend and I go out to eat. You see, she does not eat veal, so I never get to cook it in our home. On the other hand, she loves pork, which I do not eat.So this called for some serious negotiating, or should I say “Negoti-eating”! While at the local market I told her we should buy some veal chops (like I always do) and she responds with “No” (like she always does). On display next to the veal were these beautifully cut pork chops. So I suggested to her that if we purchase veal for me, I’d cook her the best pork chop she ever had. After some hesitating she agreed and I won the first part of the battle!

Pork is a meat I have never cooked, and I worried about over cooking it. These chops were over an inch thick! I made a marinade of mustard, caraway seeds, lemon juice, garlic, salt and pepper, and a few other ingredients. I placed the chop in the marinade for about 6 hours. I planned on roasting the chop in the oven, when disaster struck! My oven, which I have had previous problems with, did not turn on. But the top burners still worked. Oh well, time to switch to plan B, and cook it stove-top. I know my marinade is on the money, so I need to trust the old black cast iron pan and instinct on this one. I decided that I would start off with lightly oiled pan, then quickly sear it over high heat on one side then flip it, and immediately lowered the heat to not over-cook and dry the chop out. While that cooked I grilled up some apples with a very small sprinkle of light brown sugar. After removing the chop from the pan to allow it to rest, I added some dry red wine to de-glaze the drippings and made a sauce to top the apples with. The pork chop was cooked perfectly, it was juicy and flavorful according to my girlfriend. Stay tuned for what I will with that veal chop….. Bon Appetit!

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