About Justice Stewart

Justice the construction worker

Hey, I’m Justice and, as you can see from this blog, I am a cook. I have never attended culinary school, nor have I taken any culinary classes. I have worked in the construction industry for the past 9 years (*Update Below). I am a self-taught Chef and learning as I go. It helps that I have a lot of support from friends and family. In fact, in  2011 after all the encouragement, I decided start to this blog. I was born and raised in Queens NY, and I have always had a love for good food. Why not eat gourmet at home?


Speaking with 4th graders at P.S. 76’s “Career Day”
Talking to kindergarten children at PS 76 about a career as a chef.

Have you ever walked in a bookstore browsed through cookbooks but decided against buying one because you had no idea what some of the ingredients were? Or view dishes such as Beef Wellington or Cognac Shrimp with Beurre Blanc Sauce as entrees only a pro chef can prepare?  I am going to demystify some of these dishes and help to teach the average home cook how to prepare gourmet meals. My motto is, “If I can do it, you can do it!” I also love giving back to the community by cooking or speaking at schools and various children charities.

Madison Square Garden

I’m not sure how often I’ll post, but please check back to see what I’ve been cooking up. All of these meals are cooked and photographed by me. You will find recipes for most of the dishes inside. For more info about me you can visit www.cuisinenoirmag.com & www.wildriverreview.com and read a couple of articles about my culinary beginnings. I also have had the opportunity to executive produce a popular online cooking show called “Neighborhood Chefs”. Episodes can be viewed  @ www.ibchannel.tv .  For all other inquires Contact email :gourmetdeconstructed@yahoo.com  twitter:follow me @justicegourmet  Facebook : www.facebook.com/gourmetdeconstructed. Instagram: @chef_justice_stewart

Neighborhood Chef Show
Neighborhood Chef Show

Welcome to my wonderful world of food!

*Update: I’ve officially left the construction industry in 2012 and entered the culinary world. I have started my company, Gourmet Deconstructed Custom Catering & Personal Chef Services. I also spent the 2014-15 season working as a Sous Chef at Madison Square Garden for the season ticket holders  and the VIP suite during NY Knicks and NY Rangers home games. I am currently filming a cooking show called “Cooking With Justice” which the trailer for it can be viewed Here>>>>>> Cooking With Justice

The journey continues….






50 thoughts on “About Justice Stewart


    Madstone keep up the good work man, you always got my support, and New York eh what part because i live in vermont, maybe ill stop bye and eat some gourmet food from the one and only


  2. Keep the good work up Just, This is so positive, I’, tickled pink,,,, NAW but I do like it. The food makes your mouth water.Oh Yeah I’m getting tired of just looking at it gotta satisfy the juices you conjure up in my mouth soon LOL


  3. nikki

    How cool, Justice.. Your a little like me, I haven’t went to school. But I love to cook, havent quiet mde an attempt to cook lobster or wellington yet. You give me the hope that I can get to that point in my life to do s.. 🙂


    1. Hey thanks a bunch, I appreciate you taking the time to view my dishes. People have no idea that you can prepare TRUE restaurant quality meals at home. Also we live in a world of technology, where everyone is too lazy to cook with fresh ingredients. Anyway thanks for visiting and I will check out your blog tonight 🙂


  4. Hi Justice,
    Christmas Eve tomorrow here. We are not cooking the traditional. We never do. On Christmas Day, we will cook roast rib of beef, Yorkshire puddings, potatoes and roast winter vegetables. We will have smoked salmon and home made brown bread to start. A meringue cake with raspberries to finish. There will be no photos or posts. It is a family time. Wishing you a happy Christmas and all the best in 2011.


  5. Hello Conor, Thank you for sharing. I have friends coming over tonight which is Christmas Eve. I am roasting a rosemary and garlic leg of lamb, and I will use duck fat to roast some fingerling potatoes with thyme and asparagus almondine. You and your family have a blessed holiday season 🙂


  6. Head

    Just thought i would stop by the blog and give you a shout homie keep up the good work and you can bet your ass i will be trying some of these dishes on my own lol !!!!!!!!!!!!


  7. I am giving you a Liebster Award for being one of my top 5 favorite blogs. I am sure you are bigger than 200 followers, but so am I and I got one, so I am just giving out my five to my favorites blogs regardless of how many followers they have.

    Read my post from today……

    Kep up the yummy work!


  8. Donna from KKKMKT

    Justice you are such an innovative creator of gourmet dishes. Buddy please change your profession so that the world can experience your cooking!


  9. Colleen2013

    Impressive – Thanks for informing me of you blog. I follow you on Facebook too… Too bad you aren’t in California, alot of opportunities out here and I’m sure several of the celebrities would pick you up as their personal chef and you’re a construction worker. You don’t play. 🙂


  10. awesome blog you have here, dude. i stumbled upon your blog while i was wandering through cooking blogs, and i’m glad i did.

    a few of your recipes look like they are right up my alley, so i might have to try them at home. keep up the awesome work. i’ll stop in from time to time to see what you are cooking up.

    Liked by 1 person

  11. Linda Mack

    Mr. Justice I just saw your sea food gumbo and it is spectuclar and I wish. One I had some right now. Or two I was in a position to make it right now
    Great pictures
    All the best


  12. Michelle

    Hi! You had a creamy sous vide lobster pasta on your site that’s no longer available. I can’t find it anywhere!! I’ve made it twice and it’s my favorite dish. You had the recipe on your gourmet site but I don’t see it anymore. Is there any way I can get that?? ITS AMAZING!


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