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Shrimp Bisque

shrimpbisque1This easy bisque recipe is both flavorful and comforting for the cold winter season. Enjoy! Read the rest of this entry

Slow Cooked Chicken, Guinness Stout, And Leek Stew

Brrrr. The cool air has finally moved into NYC this weekend. The weather sucks but it’s perfect for cooking those one pot comfort foods. I have not used my crock pot in ages and almost forgot how great they are. The chicken was fall apart tender and the stew itself rocked! So many layers of flavor with the leeks and stout, and don’t worry about the alcohol in the stout, it will burn off during the cooking process. This recipe should warm you up, Enjoy!78326_3943576192658_503504131_o Read the rest of this entry

The Negoti-Eater! (Part II)

This post is a follow-up to The Negoti-Eater! (Part 1). In that post I explained that I don’t eat pork, and my girlfriend does not eat veal. So I made a deal to cook her a pork chop and pick a day when I would prepare a veal chop for myself. Well that day had arrived and I was absolutely thrilled, and off to the butcher I went! When deciding on how to find the best cut of veal for your needs and budget, consider whether you are making an everyday dinner or preparing for a special occasion. Read the rest of this entry

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