French-Style Antelope Chop /w Herbed Merlot Sauce

Now to put the spotlight one of my favorite meats, antelope! Many of you have never tried it, but trust me, I think it’s time you should. Antelope is indigenous to Africa, and parts of Europe & Asia. North American antelope are referred to as “Pronghorn”. I do not hunt so I purchase most of my game meat from The animals are farm raised and fed naturally with no hormones. The meat is very lean and high in protein, and most of all it’s tasty. This was my first try at antelope chops and I loved it!  They may resemble deer but they are actually members of the same animal family as goat.  The meat is mild tasting with a similar taste to venison, finely grained, and get this, one-third the calories of beef!

Antelope that are hunted in the wild are said to have “gamey” or “sagey” taste.  As I explained in previous posts, the “gamey” flavor comes from the fact that the animals in the wild eat a very varied diet of weeds, acorns, wood bark, etc. This flavors the meat distinctively. Sagebrush makes up a large part of the antelopes diet, which may explain the “sagey” flavor. Since we are used to eating meat that is grain fed, which has a much milder flavor, game meat tastes strange to us now. We don’t need to worry about that here since this meat is farm raised. I cooked this the same way I would prepare a lamb chop, pan seared it and popped it in a 450 degree oven for a few minutes. I then pair it with roasted asparagus & potatoes (cooked in a bit of duck fat), and added my herbed merlot sauce to seal the deal. All I can say is wow! It was very tasty and a big hit in my household. So I highly recommend you try antelope — you wont regret it. Bon Appetit!

French-Style Antelope Chop /w Herbed Merlot Sauce

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  1. Looks delicious Justice. I’ve never tried it, but I’m “game” now….hope to soon.


  2. There I was thinking that having eaten mouse and reindeer was exotic. I didn’t even know you could get antelope. Lovely stuff!


  3. More fine fare Justice. I am sitting on the couch beside my eldest, Lucy, both looking at your antelope and cogitating how we could do something as tasty.
    Happy Easter to you and yours,


    • Thanks Conor! I want to also wish you and your family Happy Easter. I’m thinking Elk Wellington for Easter dinner, how about you?


      • Mother is not feeling well so she can’t come over. Youngest daughter is going to a party, eldest is going to the boyfriend’s house. I have a leg of Wicklow lamb in the fridge. That will get studded with garlic and rosemary tomorrow. For today, Halibut (my favorite fish) served with a ratatouille and pasta for Wife and me. If she let’s me, I will shoot and post later. Elk Wellington – I like your style.


  4. Reblogged this on What I'm Thinking and commented:
    Adding this to my ever growing list of dishes I would like to make.


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